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"If you remember the Sixties, you weren't there"


Back together after a thirty-two year break, playing the same great songs the way they were meant to be played, with over two hundred years of combined Rock & Roll know-how.

Actual reviews from our mailbag*:

"I saw you at Mulligan's this past winter, and it was the best music-dance time I've had in years!  I felt like I was 18 again!!!  I love your website and am sending it to everybody I know whom I know would love it.  Thank you!  (Blame it all on our friends the Zakreskis.) -- Lisa Fretz

"I saw you at Mulligan's on 7/19. That was the best performance I have seen from a band in a long time!  Keep up the good work, I'll try to make your other shows." Larry153@aol.com

“A magnificent display of ungodly wisdom and skill. I was blown away by the words and music coming from such young musicians. They make the Stones and the Dead look like infantile pikers. Their new album is a must buy.”  -- Fauntleroy James, Staff Music Critic 

“Orgasmic … yet spiritually profound – that rare blend of head in the heavens and toes in the earth. I left the concert with an emotional high unlike anything I’ve experienced since that famous Family Dog concert in 1969. And this time I wasn’t on STP!” – Mwamba Ali (AKA Bob Jones) [Cell A124, Oregon State Penitentiary]

 “Good … yeah, really good.” Ex-Gov. John Kitzhaber, M.D., Free-lance literary critic on special assignment for The Oregonian.

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AD FROM 1968 - ("EARTH" was Springsteen's Band at the time)


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No Solution ( a BRC original )


All Day and All of the Night

Doo Wah Diddy

Paint it Black

It's All Over Now

I Feel Fine

Love is All Around

If I Needed Someone

I Should Have Known Better

Summer in the City

Paper Sun

Street Fighting Man

To Love Somebody

Six O'clock

Visions of Paradise

and of course...

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The Band

It was a dark and stormy night…

The Black River Circus actually formed, in situ, by spontaneous generation, much as individual mold cells self-organize into complex fungi. The year was 1966, possibly 67. The details aren’t important, (which is good because we don’t remember them). The Lorenz attractor in this fractal amalgam was, of course, the music—mutant, twisted, bizarre, tribal rhythm accompanied by poorly executed but painfully loud chord progressions. Carbonated beverages were often consumed. The main thing I remember is that if the 45 was warped you could tape quarters to the tone arm.

 Eberle was, as has been well documented, a complete lunatic. Billy wore penny loafers and his socks matched. We went through drummers much like Spinal Tap, losing most to the juvenile authorities. Much of our equipment was held together by hastily applied solder. Eberle danced barefoot in glass shards. The strobe caught fire. Then the club burned down. (Remember, this is years before Great White!) We were the Plague, then the Blues Movement, then finally, when we regained out senses, The BRC.

 After a while, it was over. Then like a phoenix rising from the charred and acrimonious ashes of  utter despair, we reunited in an incomprehensible, but welcome violation of the universal laws of entropy. Friendships were rekindled. Enemies were vanquished. Many beers were imbibed. Suddenly, the muses flowed and the incredible music once more issued forth, a subliminally joyous primordial melodic effluvium of soul. - Graydon G. Goss


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Richard Eberle - Guitar, Vocals, Pseudonyms

Graydon Goss - Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, Tetnology, Kitchen Sink

Bill Wood - Guitar, Vocals, Animation

Rich Cali - Drums, Attitude

Dave Murphy - Bass, Vocals, Altitude

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