Bill Wood


    In the early 60’s, Bill’s foray into the realm of rock music was kindled in the basement of a Shrewsbury tenement in collaboration with the young, talented, but awfully tall, Dave Murphy. Countless hours and long evenings were spent perusing the works of Jagger, Richards, McCartney, Lennon, Marx, and Engels. “What band were those last 2 guys in?” was a question often pondered into the wee hours. The lyrics came easily, however, chords, scales, arias and such involving multiple notes played simultaneously proved a formidable challenge. Relentless practice ensued and Bill landed a short-lived stint with the local musical phenom, “The Jades.”  His penchant for rock stardom brought an introduction with lead vocalist/guitarist Rich Eberle (Eb) and keyboardist/techno guru, Graydon Goss (Graydon) at club “Le Teendevous,” in a remote hamlet then called New Shrewsbury. It was here, over a couple milkshakes, that he crossed paths with drummer/percussionist Rich (Richie aka Ringo) Cali and, though never formally introduced, was impressed with Cali’s talent and was quoted as saying, “Look at the size of that bass drum!”

   Enrollment at Holy Cross College, and a year at the University of Vienna, brought a unique opportunity to study art, opera,  Heidegger & hops. His band at that time, “The Cool Jerks,” played to the Viennese elite in one or two of the city’s cafes, beer halls, & wine cellars. Hell-bent for a lucrative recording contract, Bill returned stateside to become founding member and leader of  “Eddie and the Edsels,” a roguish group who inspired loathe & fear, leaving an indelible mark at some of New England’s most prestigious institutes of higher learning. His place as an original member, and guitarist, with the Black River Circus is the stuff of legendary hearsay.  He coined the band after the bucolic Black River in Worcester, Massachusetts, although the details surrounding the latter part of the moniker have never surfaced and remain a mystery after 36 years.

    Bill has been playing guitar for way over a year and is considering a correspondent’s course at the Boston Conservatory. He is married to his 2nd grade sweetheart, has a big family, and practices orthodontics in Central Jersey. His favorite book is “Das Kapital,” and his favorite food is bratwurst.

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