Biography of Graydon G. Goss, MD

Having originally aspired to become an architect, Dr. Graydon Goss developed an early interest in the correlations between form and function.

After graduation from Brown University in 1973 with a Bachelors degree in Art, Music, and Biology he soon discovered that the architecture of the human mind and body captured his interest most and pursued a career in molecular biology and electron microscopy. These activities later culminated in his medical education from 1973-77 at Dartmouth Medical School.

Dr. Goss' quest for understanding of the creative human psyche led him to the University of Southern California. From 1977-82, he served as an Intern, Resident and Chief Resident of the Department of Psychiatry and then worked as a Fellow and Staff Psychiatrist on the Faculty of the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

After several years serving as a Director of the Adolescent Crisis Unit at the Los Angeles County/University of Southern California Medical Center, Dr. Goss sought to combine his various interests in a unique private practice. Utilizing his background in behavioral sciences, crisis intervention, psychopharmacology, music, art, electronics and architecture, he developed an effective and practical form of short-term therapy for individuals, couples or families.

In 1987, Dr. Goss expanded his practice by founding the Center for Advanced Psychotherapeutics in Encino, CA., where he extended his scientific and creative interests into the often vague and poorly conceived realms of behavioral medicine. He discovered for example that many "psychiatric" symptoms have chemical, hormonal, or neurological causes which are frequently overlooked. Similarly, he noted that a variety of "physical" symptoms may have emotional roots. In his practice, therefore, he believes that it is essential to take into consideration the "whole person".

Using a wide variety of psychological, behavioral, neuropharmacological and medical techniques, he has explored the often overlooked boundaries between medicine and psychology. Panic disorders may, for example, be mimicked by caffeine intoxication, hyperthyroidism or adrenal cell tumors. Overlooked diagnostic possibilities are, in his opinion, very often the cause of prolonged or ineffective treatment programs. As both a practitioner and lecturer he has succeeded in simplifying and creatively solving complex individual and inter-personal problems.

His expertise has led him to serve as an expert witness in a variety of legal cases, a consultant to several Los Angeles judges. He has also served as a guest lecturer to a number of Southern California organizations and as a mediator in Corporation Management.

While maintaining an active medical practice, he also frequently retires to his own recording studio where he composes and performs Jazz and New Age soundtracks on a variety of synthesizers, digital samplers and acoustic instruments. Dr. Goss writes extensively, contributing articles on a wide range of psychiatric topics to local periodicals. He has also written two columns for local publications and has been invited as a guest expert for a variety of radio and television talk programs.

At the present time, Dr. Goss is preparing the final drafts of several practical psychiatric guides. The books, one covering parenting techniques and the other on couples therapy, are written for today's parents and couples. At the same time, he is publishing a science fiction novel called One More Time and a second Novel, written with his daughter Adeline, for Young Adults.

In August of 1993, Dr. Goss left his practice in Los Angeles to become the Medical Director of the Aspen Crest Counseling Centers in Idaho Falls and Pocatello. In both facilities he concentrated on the provision of diagnostic and medication evaluations to patients requiring rapid assessment as well as on Community Education regarding parenting techniques and family issues.

In 1995, he made another move, this time back to Monmouth County, NJ, where he was raised. He remains deeply interested in finding community solutions to adolescent crime, substance abuse and gang activities, and is engaged in these endeavors both there and on a national level via the Internet.

When out of the office or studio he is an avid backpacker, sailor, skier, artist, scuba enthusiast and nature photographer. He resides in Middletown, New Jersey.

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