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Mind Alligators

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NOT DEAD YET is the collaboration of Graydon G. Goss and Richard Eberle.  The team first met in 1965 when they formed THE BLACK RIVER CIRCUS, a widely successful Red Bank, NJ band that ultimately represented the state in the 1968 Vox National Battle of the Bands. 

THE BLACK RIVER CIRCUS disbanded in 1970.   Goss and Eberle lost contact with one another until January 1998, when, after 28 years they reestablished contact via the Internet, got back together and took up musically where they’d left off.   Serendipitously, Eberle had spent the intervening years honing his guitar skills, while Goss had gone on to build a studio and concentrate on keyboards, bass and percussion.

The Group's first CD, Mind Alligators celebrates a combined 70 years of musical experimentation. The sound is a blend of hard rock, blues and (on occasion), country influences.  

These days, they wear shoes.

The Players

Graydon G. Goss

Roland AS-90 Expanded Controller, Korg M1, Roland JXP8, Roland MKS 80, Roland D50, Yamaha DX7, PolyMoog, MiniMoog, Roland R-70 and Yamaha RX5, Fender Stratocaster, Roland GR Guitar synth, Fender Electric 12-string, Marshall Valvestate V265, vocals, percussion, mixing and production.

Richard Eberle

Fender Telecaster, Fender Performer 1000, harmonica, vocals, percussion.


Recording Digital - Cakewalk Pro Deluxe 8.01 running on Gateway dual Pentium II, (400mhz SCSI), Analog - Tascam 24 channel mixer, Tascam 8 channel recorder with dbx, Twin Sony JE500 CD Recorders, Hewlett-Packard SureStore 6020 CD writer, Digitek Studio Quad Effects, Yamaha SPX 90 Multifex, Carver PM-120 Monitor Amp, Infinity Kappa 9 Monitors, Tannoy Monitors



Mind Alligators - the Title track. What could it mean?

Eberle waxes poetic - Ocean View

No Solution - An erudite analysis of today's existential woes

As mellow as they get - On the Outside

Bad News - 'nough said

"Go on safari!" - You're Never Gonna Leave

Don't Come Knockin' - Perhaps the ultimate dance tune

More than terrifying - NightMares

One Day We're Here - "Goss at his nostalgic best"


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Coming Attractions!

Download some songs from the new, Soon-to-be-Released, CD by NOT DEAD YET,

Rather Have Nothin'

(than settle for less)

Monday - an enigmatic exploration of grief in the big city

I Don't Understand -  pure angst in A minor

Moments - as mellow as they get


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