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Parenting is a BIG subject. There are a lot of Online resources available pertaining to specific issues. My own area of interest centers around child and adolescent behavior. I believe that there's a lot of mis-information being spread around, with the result that many parents are feeling confused and powerless to manage their children, while kids and teens as a group are tending to be less responsible and harder to control. I have been providing parent education seminars for nearly twenty years and have learned that well-educated parents have no trouble at all raising good kids in a conflict-free home atmosphere. Here are a few links to my own works on the subject and some others.

I invite parents to submit their own questions to this site. I try to respond to all of them, and I publish some, along with my answers, on my Parenting Question and Answer Page. Email questions to Graydon@GGoss.com


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My own Material: Lessons learned from twenty years of working with parents and children.

new(2).gif (12051 bytes)Raise Successful Children --- an entertaining, common sense guide to child-rearing designed to empower parents.

new(2).gif (12051 bytes)Practical Parenting Audiocassettes and CDs--- a unique audio series designed to help parents solve common behavior problems and raise responsible, successful children and teens.

new(2).gif (12051 bytes)Office Information---My new office is open in Red Bank, New Jersey. Click for contact information, or to make an appointment  for an office visit or telephone consultation.

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